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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Witchy-woo's Wednesday Wow this week...

...comes from amananta at Screaming Into the Void who asks "how long before they admit it?"

Amananta lists fifty incidents of male violence against women/girls that made the national news in America over the last four weeks and she says:
You can’t pick up a paper without finding at least one story a day about a man killing or raping a woman. And we all know many more stories never make the paper. Why not? Becasue there wouldn’t be room, because they have “more important” things to report on, because it’s so common it isn’t considered newsworthy unless there is some special twist to it.
Men killing and raping women and girls is not news, it is common, everyday life we are supposed to politely overlook...
Ms jared over at sinister girl has also been picking up on this as have Heart and her commenters at Women's Space.

Either the news media don't make the connection between all these 'isolated incidents' of violent misogyny or they deliberately fail to report it - but it hasn't escaped our attention. Women have lived with it since forever and we know. Amanata again:
Men don’t respect women, don’t consider women human, don’t care if women are hurt or killed by other men, will not stand up for us, will not help us. They have done everything but declare open war on us - but a failure to declare war does not mean that we are not living under war-like circumstances.
Somewhere in the back of every woman's mind is the question "is it my turn next?" And the answer.... It might be.


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