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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Witchy-woo's Wednesday Wow...

...was generated by Pippi's invitation to Blog Against Classism. The whole idea was brilliant. It produced excellent posts that covered classism from a variety of angles and perspectives. Every single one of them taught me something and made me think in ways I hadn't done before.

So, thank you, Pippi, for putting that out here and thank you to everyone who posted - all the posts would be 'wow's' in a usual week but this week they've all come at once and they've certainly diverted my gaze away from my navel! If you haven't read them yet I urge you to check out Villa Villekulla for the links.

My pick comes from Trash Talks Back. Written with urgency and conviction, TNTrash's post points to what needs to be done to erradicate classism from feminism. Just to get you started...
I hear women of color tell me, and more radically-political white women, too that feminism has become "whitewashed," that feminism promotes an "ivory-tower" mentality, it's hidden and confined in academia, and is crafted purely out of theory and not within the grasp of those working-class women of color, without much regard for how things would play out in "material reality."
I feel that a shortcoming among the women's movement is it's acceptance of the current governmental/electoral system and willingness to spend lots and lots and lots of resources attempting to "work" said system, or use "proper channels" to strive for some sort of abstract "equality" in a world system where that "equality" CANNOT exist.
It seems to me that if this feminism stuff is going to work, we have to be able to come together and agree on a more radical politics, on formulating a politics where we are all first fully human. We have to understand that it's not a free "choice" that makes us "unequal" to men.
What we fail to see is where our practice, daily, illustrates how classism has eaten away at feminism as activism and the women's liberation movement as a whole.
Oh, the whole thing is fab. Trust me, go read.


  • At 6:18 AM, Blogger TNTrash said…

    Good lord, witchy. You made me blush.

    Thanks so much.


  • At 12:00 PM, Blogger mistermorgan said…

    Fab indeed.

    Where would we be without the Wednesday Wow? Too close to alliteration for comfort, that's where.


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