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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I watched the BBC1 6 o'clock news tonight...

...and there was a comparison report on India and China - both potential big league players in Western economies, apparently. (I looked for a link to the report but all I could find was this)

There was footage from India...tapping in to Western 'needs' with individuals making a personal fortune from the cheap production of goods for consumption in the Western market. And then there was footage of people from China tapping in to the more costly production of goods for the upper end of the same market.

Or was it the other way round?

I don't know. I don't remember. I don't remember because the one thing that struck me in the whole report was the almost total absence of women. The only women that figured in the whole item were semi-clothed actresses gyrating in a Bollywood movie that some male, entrepreneur in India was filmed watching. Women were obviously relegated to entertainment value only.

Of all the hoards of 'money-makers' filmed getting off trains, doing lunch, going about their work-a-day business - not one of them was a woman. Not one.

If it's true that money = power (and, currently, I have no reason to dispute that) my observation of developing countries from tonight's news is a perfect illustration of Class Woman's global powerlessness.

Apart from the fact that this so totally sucks in more ways than one, it's provoked thoughts and ideas for me that - once they're more concrete - I want to write about. So I'm posting this as a reminder to myself but I'd also like to hear everyone elses thoughts and ideas about women and monetary power, about women's place as movers and shakers in the global market place, about the money = power thing, about some reasons why there were no women at all in that report (other than the semi-naked ones).

What are your thoughts?


  • At 5:15 PM, Blogger Pippa said…

    For some time I have been chewing on making a study of news bulletins and how women are seen in them. I know that's not quite what you are wanting but it kind of fits. I will have to think about the women in business thing, aside from Nicola Horlick and Carly Fiorino I have no knowledge in this area! Says something in itself doesn't it! I'll get back to you. pippa x

  • At 9:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Anita Roddick - but that's another Nestle sell out story. Oh, and me of course!

    Mind you this post put me in mind of the latest Nestle campaign to get into the far east market for disposable nappies and formula milk. Another marketing campaign to force women onto a path they may not wish to follow. China in particular has a history and tradition of Elimination Communication and it works very well. They also assume breast feeding is the norm.

    Besides any ethical consideration, what right has a Western business got dictating to another culture how they should raise their children - especially as it is all in the name of profit.

    Sorry, can you tell you pushed a button there?

    **Love reading the blog btw, I miss it when you don't post for a day or 2**


  • At 9:31 PM, Blogger spotted elephant said…

    I think the only way for women to have power *in the current system* is to have piles of money. But that's a problem, because I have no interest in playing this game. The phrase "global market place" gives me the willies. Not everything is a commodity, but that's the way the current system is designed.

    I believe in conservation, in the environmental movement, and in voluntary simplicity. Basically, I'd like to see consumerism die. I don't want women to make progress in the business as usual world, I want a different world.

    The lack of women in positions of power sickens me, but so does the whole system. What that leads to, I'm not sure.

  • At 10:02 PM, Blogger asdgasdfaserwe said…

    You can check out the Global Media Monitoring Project here. As if it wasn't bad enough that are women under-represented in the world of business, the media choses to exclude women even further.

    There is also a certain level of racism in Western media portrayals of women in 'non-western' countries.


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