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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Witchy-Woo's Wednesday Wow!

...this week comes in the form of a clear and thoughtful post from gendergeek (scroll up) that articulates the radical feminist perspective on prostitution in response to one commenters assertion that "Feminists do not simply dislike prostitution they dislike prostitutes as they are an affront to their respectablity."

There are some wonderful analogies to be found in Emma's post. I particularly like this one:
Those who argue for the legalisation of prostitution ofter reference those happy few high-class call girls who earn enormous sums of money and travel the world draped in Theo Fennel jewellery with Manolos dangling from pedicured toes. This is as meaningful as arguing that children in the former Nike sweatshops should have been allowed to choose to work in a dangerous environment for pennies a day because Coco Chanel’s seamstress quite liked her job.

And, so far, the comments are intelligent too (having said that - my comp clock says 02:04 so....don't take my word for it....)


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