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Friday, February 10, 2006

Ginmar's made the Guardian?

Well, that's what I thought when I stumbled upon this page...

But, no, the world of Gruniad readers isn't yet to be treated to regular contributions from the wonderfully insightful and articulate Gin - though wouldn't that liven up the journey in to work in the mornings?

Instead, we have Jenny Colgan making some astute observations about celebrity nudity in Hollywood and Rajaa al-Sanie, a 24 year old Saudi Arabian woman who's written a book called 'The Girls of Riyadh'. This book hasn't gone down too well in the author's home country....well, it's been banned, actually...because it's about girls and sex.

In between the paragraphs of these two stories Ms Colgan takes a swipe at the late Betty Friedan and other 'celebrity feminists' who, having achieved personal notoriety through being instrumental in positive change for women, then proceed to publicly attack one another.

So, all you Hollywood show offs, all you well known feminists and you, naughty, naughty girl from Saudi Arabia - just take heed of what Rajaa al-Sanie's uncle said about it all:

"..... society neither forgives nor forgets ..."

because, as sure as eggs is eggs, the patriarchy will find a way to use whatever it is you've done against you.


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